Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Stage 3

Forgotten information! In the last couple days at UCSF one of the many doctors who saw Kevin did FINALLY call his cancer Stage 3.  He told us because of his Kidney failure and extreme calcium levels it is an automatic Stage 3.

We still don't have the results of either Bone Marrow Biopsy's

Here are some photos from our time in San Francisco

Kevin on phone while Dale reads the quilt

From left to right: Kevin with his safety towel, Dale,
Hillary, and cousin Brent.

Kevin enjoying his new quilt

Darrell finally got to see him a week after the trip to
the emergency room

Lunch time with Dale and Hillary reading him his
many letters and cards

He wanted to be covered up for his ride to the PET scan,
not at all morbid

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