Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Look Inside The Beast

Yesterday Kevin had a PET scan to determine if there were any more tumors or lesions on his bones.  It took 3 hours not the 1 they told us and was not a comfortable experience because apparently they do not make PET scan machines at the Big and Tall store.

More good news: The tumor on his lowest right rib was the only "hot spot" on the scan.  We expected at least and most likely more than the 3 other "hot spots" that showed up on a CAT scan he had done in Templeton before we came here.  Not only were there no additional "hot spots" but the 3 from the CAT scan did not show up!  What this means is that the cancer is more evenly distributed throughout his body.  He should not have to have Radiation, which they use to spot treat those areas.

This evening he will receive his second dose of chemo along with a heavier chemo drug Doxil.  The third step to his treatment called VDD for Velcade, Doxil, & Dexamethasone.  They will continue to monitor him the next few days but are hoping to take out his central line in his jugular and catheter. Continued progress each new day. The doctors are pleased with his continual progress and the nurses are appreciating the upbeat nature and constant jokes that come from room 1151.

We are all hanging in here and hoping to be hope this weekend.  We are working hard to get all the paperwork together for Medi-cal and will feel a HUGE relief once that is finished.  Otherwise we are constantly receiving blessings and love from all of you! Love you all and hope to see you soon.


  1. What great news! Miracles are and will continue to occur. You are in every prayer we offer.

    Jeff and Cyndi

  2. WOW! What more can we say? Miracle after miracle! The lord couldn't have blessed a better family. Thank you for sharing. You have deeply and eternally touched our hearts. Thank you.


    Tani and Michael

  3. You always said that we should always trust and believe. This is a hard way to get your message across. Thank you for all you have done.
    Dale and family thank you for all you have given to all of us. You, your family, doctors, caregivers are in our prayers always. Even the two grandson's don't forget to ask Heavenly Father to help you.
    But Kevin I think this is going a bit far to look for the Halloween costume that will win this year! hehe
    Love, thoughts, and all our prayers, the Mason's and Barnhills

  4. The CAT scan results are terrifying to receive! I am so happy that your results were so encouraging! keep up the good faith!

  5. I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prays, Kevin. Greg and Terry are keeping updated. Hang in there! Love, Katherine De Courcy