Thursday, September 24, 2009

Catching up on Photos

This is Lori, she was Kevin's favorite ICU nurse. Once he was moved from the ICU to the Oncology floor she came up for a visit on her break.

While Kevin was in the ICU Pat & Lauren Ham stopped by for a visit.  Lauren is a student in SF and Pat works in SF.

Candice & Chris were able to come up for a quick visit.  It was the first time they were together since the diagnosis.  It was a happy reunion!

This is Dr. Burgess, he took AMAZING care of us.  We're pretty sure he never leaves the hospital. We saw him EVERY day we were there from the ICU to the oncology floor.  He took great care of Kevin and we appreciated a familiar face.  The other doctors rotate on a weekly basis.

This is Kevin's roommate Dennis. We love Dennis! Dennis wasn't sure if he loved Kevin after the first few minutes of snoring but warmed up quickly the next day.  Kevin was able to give Dennis a Blessing and we now have a new friend for life.

Kevin's brother Brian and son Brent came in from Highland UT for a visit.  Between Kevin and Brian the laughs and gas was non stop!

Agnes was Kevin's nurse 3 days in the oncology ward.  She made sure he got excellent care and showered! (Dale & Hillary LOVE Agnes)
Kevin enjoyed teasing her with threats of a conga line and walking backwards. (That's a NO NO)

  We will post more pics of this beautiful blanket made with love by our sweet friend Becky Snider. All of the light tan squares have words of love and encouragement from the Paso 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Wards!  Kevin was a little warm in his room so Dale & Hillary enjoyed it's warmth and "comforter spirit" as it wrapped them with your love.

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