Sunday, September 20, 2009

Heeey youuu guuyys!

Whoa what a rush the last couple of weeks have been!

It's Sunday afternoon at the hospital.  I wanted to try and start out with something funny, but I moved that down.  I know you've heard it from all of us in our calls, and have read it in Darrell's great blog many times, but I want you to know from me that I have felt not just all of your prayers, but more importantly I have been able to feel individual prayers.  As if a constant pulse of prayers, not a mass of prayers being strung together.  The importance of the "one", in this case me, and the importance of the "one", in this case you, being individually delivered.

I don't know if anyone will remember during one of my Ward Conference talks when I stated my belief that I "knew" that I could "do it here on earth" by the Savior's gaze into my eye that told me so.  In the next year's talk I professed my belief that it was our spiritual communication with the Savior in the pre-existence of not only His belief in us, but then more importantly our belief in Him that helped Him through His time in the Garden of Gethsemane.  When the Father had to withdraw, and the Savior was left to himself, there was us.  If I can feel the individual prayers of those praying for me, is it any less difficult to belief that our prayers for Him at that time would be denied?  Perhaps I'm way off.  Perhaps not.  I do believe that my experience has helped me understand the Atonement to a greater, and again more personal, degree.

You remember my testimony before?  I really hate to see it grow THIS PARTICULAR way, but grown it has.  God lives.  Jesus is our brother.  The Gospel is absolutely true.  Amen

Today Dale, Hillary and Darrell filled me in on 2 plus days that I completely missed.  That was interesting.

I'm not going to take a long time to start filling in the blanks from my part, but I promise I will.  Let me sum up:
I announced to the doctors and staff that they were going to be witnessing a million miracles over the next few days.  Whether they believed it or not, they would one day have to admit it.  Along with that, I had one doctor in particular, Dr.Lo, my kidney/dialysis Dr whom I had to convert to humor as well.  After coming in in with total kidney failure, 2 days later we went back and forth several times before he admitted, "OK, you had a 'miraculous' recovery."  He said my kidney function level before coming in was "pristine" (can you say Word of Wisdom boys and girls?)  The damage had taken it down to 25-30%, which is where most 65-70+ would be.  He said we might be able to get you back 5-10% over years, but very likely not.  Today he came in to tell me that my function was already up to 60, maybe 65%.  I just held up my finger.  Pause.  I said, "You're either going to say it voluntarily or I'm going to have to get it out of you."  "OK, another 'miraculous'.  I may even see some more function recovery.

I've had some great spiritual and personal discussions.  More later.

LOVE YOU ALL AND CAN'T WAIT TO GET BACK.  I've got a bunch more miracles/blessings coming.  As Dr Lo said, now the hard part begins.  I'm not afraid.  I have us.



  1. Kevin, You are amazing and continue to be an inspiration to us all, tough you dont want to and certainly won't admit it! We are grateful that you are filling better. I know that through all of our faith, you me and everyone else you are going to pull through this.
    I do not know if you know, you were kinda of out of it, but a friend of ours from our Stake here is about 7 months into his battle with Multiple Myeloma. He will be checking in to the 11th floor of UCSF(where you are I think) Monday to prepare for Mega doses of Chemo followed by the reimplantation of his stem cells( i think I have this right). Anyway, I spoke with them at church today and they are excited to meet you and Dale.
    Good Luck Kevin, It is too bad one must get sick to understand how many people love you! But we do!!!

    Jeff and Cyndi

  2. We're glad you can feel our prayers and our thoughts. We send our strength (through our prayers) to you (and your family) to face each and every step. Thank you for your testimony. It's obvious to us that the one you wrote is the one you live.

    Brother Bruce & Sister Nori

  3. Its so good to hear from you. You are in our prayers, and your humor in the face of adversity is not only reassuring, but inspiring.

    When I was teaching Old Testament seminary last year, we talked about Gideon, and how the Lord dwindled the army down to 300, so they would have to admit that the victory was from God, not because the odds were in their favor. In a world where we often want to super-size everything, Heavenly Father is often miracle-sizing it.

    So if anyone says this is a pretty bad trial, perhaps the better term would be a miracle-sized trial, since there is no other explanation than the mercy and grace of God.

    Love to everyone. Keep laughing. It is the best medicine, after all.


    Whitney, Dustin and baby Jay

  4. Yeah Kevin! I'm so happy you are improving so much. You had me worried after my visit on Tuesday. The kids were upset that we all couldn't visit yesterday - we hope you are well enough soon for us all to see you. Good Luck with all of your treatments and forthcoming miracles. We hope you feel our daily prayers for you. Much love and hugs!

  5. Kevin, I haven't seen you since we were pretty darned young but I've heard of your trials and I've offered many prayers in your behalf. This latest post reminded me of a miracle we witnessed in our own family about 5 1/2 years ago. Without going into detail, the voice I still hear is of my daughter's doctor who, when discussing the case with an intern, said, "We have to leave room in our practice for miracles. Sometimes there is no other explanation." It's great when doctor's recognize this. Sounds like your doctors are prepared for some too! My love and best wishes go out to you and your family.

    Kendra (Smith) Player (On behalf of the entire LaMar Smith Family!)

  6. We love you to pieces Kevin! Our love and prayers go out to you and your family as you continue to show us miracles are real!!!! The San Luis Obispo Stake has seen them before, and we are seeing them again. Much love, The Deardens XOXO

  7. It's so awesome to read a post from you and I'm so glad that our prays have been a help and comfort to you. It's always nice to see doctors admit that miracles happen :) Keep making those doctors admit that there are miracles. Thank you for sharing your testimony and for being who you are. We are all truly blessed to have you in our lives. You and your family are constantly in our thoughts and prayers. Love to all -The Prices

  8. Thank you for bearing your testimony!!! I am especially touched by your garden of gethsemene perspective. We do believe in miracles and angels and prayers!!! Keep strong! We Love You - The Coons

  9. Hey Kevin....Have I ever told you how much you remind me of my Brother Bob? :) Thank you for sharing your powerful testimony, you are such an example of strength and faith. You are changing brother would say geee with everyones prayers and all....I have no choice but to be a miracle. We love are in our prayers as are the rest of your wonderful medical team and your terrific family. Thank you for this blog.
    As Always Becky Snider

  10. Kevin you have told me from the start we are going to witness a miracle. Not one time have I doubted it. I have not only witnessed the miracle but was given the oportunity to be involved with your medical care from the stsrt. I love you for this Kevin. I too know that God lives, Jesus Christ is our brother and though our faith miracles do happen. I testify with all my heart that these things are true. Amen

  11. Kevin ~

    It is so great to see how quickly things are turning around. I was worried about kidney damage and I'm so glad to hear how well you are doing.

    The twins remember you in our family prayers without prompting and Carolyn said the sweetest prayer tonight and asked that you would get better. I think the Lord has a special place in his heart for a child's prayer!

    You are a man of great faith and optimism. We just love your whole family and can't wait 'til you guys get back home! Your generosity of spirit is uplifting to us.

  12. This beautiful testimony reminds me of all the firesides we used to have, which left me wishing you were my Seminary or Sunday School teacher, so that I could be taught by you more often. You've always had an amazing way with words, and have let the Spirit take over and strengthen those you're teaching. Thank you for that.

    I don't know what the Lord has in store for you, Kevin, but whatever it is... it will involve miracles and missionary opportunities. I'll be praying for you, and for those whose lives you're touching.

  13. Hi,Hi,Hi - Great to hear from "himself!" You keep on keeping on and so will we. Hang onto your promise. Love you, Norma

  14. It is wonderful to know that the miracles we have all begged for are happening. We think of you and your family everyday, praying for your comfort, health, and happiness. We love you!

  15. Do you really read all these?? Still continue to miss and pray for you! Vicious rumor going around that Park Cinemas may have to close since their #1 Family hasn't been there in the last few weeks. Come back and get well!!!! Love you!

  16. HAHA Yes Cari we (including Kevin) really do read all the comments and emails. Funny that you mention it we got something in the mail from Park Cinemas requesting our presence for Friday afternoon matinees! jk

  17. Jeneveieve Says,
    Thank you for doing that. I'm sure everyone loves reading that message on the internet. I love you Bishop and I hope you get out of the hospital quickly. I love you so much and I miss you. I'm praying everyday for you!!!

  18. Bishop, (Kevin sounds weird)
    I'm so glad you can feel each of our prayers. You must not have a moments rest with all of that continuous noise in your head. You have given me a chance to grow in faith and in many other ways once again! I more fully know now what it is to pray constantly. As I have been in prayer for you I have come to realize more fully what you mean to me and to Jeni. I was thinking of what an amazing big brother you are to me when I had the realization that I can truely say that I have never met anyone who is a more clear and constant example of the Savior and his unconditional and unwavering love for us, his brothers and sisters, than you. Please come home to us soon, our beloved brother.

    We love you soooo much!


    P. S. I hope you are listening to uplifting music by the Tab and Apple choir.

  19. All I can say is you're awesome!! Thanks for your post! My spiritual thought for my life! In our prayers and glad you're doing better.