Thursday, September 24, 2009

Regarding Visitors

At this time we ask that Kevin have no visitors at the hospital.  His immune system is weak and seeing as it's flu season the Doctors have asked that visitors not be allowed.  We will let you know when this changes and keep you informed of his progress.  He will be able to check emails and blog comments regularly which brightens his spirits after being poked and prodded all day and night.
Thank you for respecting the doctors wishes and letting Kevin rest a while!


  1. Good thing you posted this message after Dana and Ben came to visit otherwise Ben would have had to pull out his gun and force his way in! They mapped out their ride this morning making sure they would be able to see Kevin. I'm jealous that I couldn't be there - but since I'm covered in kid germs that's probably a good thing. :) Lots of love and ((hugs)) coming your way! ♥♥♥

  2. Thanks alot you know hard it is to get any sympathy for my ailments and conditions when we have a friend who has cancer. I can't even get any milage out of my gross disgusting rectal problems because we have a friend who has junk leaking from his bones! Are you trying to ruin my life? Good grief. Now I think I have arthritis in my knees because we're always praying for you, but who's gonna feel sorry for me! Not to mention the fact that I can't even go in Orcutt Burger because they look at me like, "Where's Kevin?" Whatever. Love to all! hug hug kiss kiss love you, mean it!

  3. dear, dear uncle kevin!! we love and miss you so much, but we're happy to see you're not letting a silly little thing like cancer get you down! i'm sure you're converting the entire hospital a couple times over! miracles rock! we love you and join our prayers with the legions of others whose lives you've made better and brighter by just being you! we're thinking of you and sending happy (and funny-- we know how you love a good joke!) thoughts your way!
    xoxo, the watson family