Friday, September 18, 2009

*Another Side Note*

I've now got a little slideshow running on the sidebar that will be cycling through all the images that get posted here on the blog. If any of you have any photos of Kevin or that you feel is appropriate for the blog than you may be able to add those to the slideshow in one of two ways. Firstly you may email them to the blog account and I can add them for you.

The second alternative is for those of you with Google accounts. With your Google account you already have access to a Picasa web gallery. It is yet another free web service provided by Google and you sign in with the same user name and password as your gmail account here: . Any images that you upload to Picasa can be added to the slideshow by simply adding the keyword or "Tag" "chemoslobber" to each relavent image. If you are unsure how to add tags to your images you must first open the image on Picasa and then look to the right on the sidebar for the "Tags" setting and click on the + with a tag symbol next to it and enter "chemoslobber" into the text field.

It may not show up right away on the blogs slideshow but it will after a few minutes.

I will be working on a direct method for everyone that wants to add images, to do so directly into the album related to this blog. I've just found out that it is possible but don't have the time to learn how it's done and set it up at the moment. Once I'm back from San Francisco I'll get on that.

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