Thursday, September 17, 2009

Photo Time

Doctor Bonis his oncologist here in Paso, at Twin Cities
 explaining about the blood problem and the need for a
plasma exchange as soon as possible.

Suzan the case manager who got Kevin to San Francisco
whom had been mentioned earlier.

Pam McClean, an old friend and his ambulance driver
for the trip to San Fran. Still can't out goof Kevin.

 The view from the ICU waiting room.
I'm pretty sure that bridge and fog in the background
is a fake city backdrop.

Cousin Josh who drove all the way from Utah to see him.
Apparently he had nothing better to do.

Leslie Ashby, a Family Camp friend brought diner to
Dale, Hillary, Tara Griffith, and Josh. She and her family
lives in San Jose. Kevin offered her to pull his finger.

Tara Griffith, a friend from home that is attending
school in the Bay area. Kevin saw her coming and
pretended to be sleeping.

Kandee Anderson, another friend from Family Camp,
works for Marriott and secured this room at the
Courtyard Marriott in Emeryville for Dale and Hillary.
Josh is doing his daily leg lifts on the floor behind the second bed.

Kevin had an ultrasound to check his heart and it's a
good thing he hasn't practiced law in a long time or
they may never have found it.

Kevin tried to phone home but because they wont
allow cell phones in the hospital rooms all he got was
a glowing finger.

This is the machine that is being used to clean his
plasma. The Large bag hanging in the far back that
is filled with brownish yellow liquid is what's coming
out of Kevin. The bottles contain what's going back
into him. There are ten total (although they are not all
visible) to replace what's been taken out. He goes
through this process once a day.
Today he's doing very well. Has eaten more and we all know how much better he feels after a meal. His kidneys are doing really well so he will not have any dialysis today. If they remain in good condition he will begin chemo within a few days.


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  2. We know that Bishop is not out of the woods yet, BUT, we are so relieved That he is looking sooo much better!!

  3. Was so glad Pat and Ren got a chance to see you. They told me you looked great! I may have to visit for myself! Need anything yet?

  4. I'm sorry Sariah, I accidentally deleted your comment and can't seem to get it back although I'm still working on it.