Saturday, September 26, 2009

Good to be Home

My mom and I are so glad to be back home.  Although we miss the cool, foggy days of San Fransisco as we sweat it out in the 100+ degree heat, we don't miss the traffic and parking nightmares.

Kevin is doing well at Twin Cities.  He is as comfortable as possible in his own room and being well taken care of by the staff and family.

Kevin should be staying at Twin Cities at least through this round of Chemotherapy.  He receives the chemo on days 1, 4, 8, & 11 but he received one of the three drugs at the end of day five because of complications.  His Doctor here is pushing back the next treatment till Monday so he should be done with this round on Thursday.  He is still on liquids and yesterday had a PICC line put into his upper arm. The PICC line goes up his arm, around his shoulder and almost to his heart.  This is where the drugs will be administered.  If all goes well he could keep the PICC line in his arm throughout ALL of his treatments.  Don't know how that will work but that's what the Doctors say.


  1. Yahoo! So happy that you are almost home! I bet you will make some new friends at Twin Cities Hospital too (aren't nurses wonderful!). And hopefully soon you will be at home feelin much better. Love to all. Valerie

  2. Okay, we've been patient.(no pun intended) Let's get an update here. Hey, I know a guy. Yous guys are great people but let's go!