Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Definately NOT Like A Baby's Bottom

As you already know, I've had my stem cell replants and didn't do very well in recovering from it.  I'm home, and am suffering some side effects as I work on getting stronger.  I really don't think that I understood what the process meant to me until May, my last nurse at UCSF explained it to me.  I wanted to share with you what she told me.  She said, "You are now just like a new born baby.  All of your old insides have been destroyed and now you have brand new insides, just like a new baby.  You have no immune system, so you have to treat yourself like you would a new born baby.  You wouldn't just pass your baby around to anyone.  You are careful to gradually expose your baby to the things of the world.  You have no digestive system.  That is the last thing that will mature in you.  So you have to be cautious of what you put in it, like a baby, until it matures.  You have to be careful for several months."  For some reason, her explanation just hit home.  Perhaps it was the timing with the birth of the King's triplets.

So now, after the doctor said, "You are under house arrest for at least a month", it makes sense.  And when he said, "and don't go into places where there are groups of people, stores, restaurants, and similar public places, especially where there may be illness, for at least 3 months", it made sense.  May then made a statement that she knew I really want to go to church, but can't.  So it will be a few more months until I can meet with you at church. 

I miss you all so much.  I appreciate your continued prayers, cards, emails and text messages.  I love you and can't wait until I can see you all again.  If you are well and illness free, please consider coming to visit.  I can see one or two people for short visits.

With much love and appreciation for all of your support.  Kevin


  1. We miss you too, so much, and will respect the doctor's orders. can't wait to have you back again!!

  2. I'll bring Orcutt Burger when you feel like that is something that would be ok. We miss you!


  3. Congratulations on the new baby! What will you name yourself?
    I am excited for you and your new life!


  4. Oh, look at you! You're so cute! Look at that peach fuzz on your cute head! And look at those toofers! Wow! Would Kevie Kevie baby boy like some of Robin's unsweetened applesauce? It's so so so good! Kirkie could bring some to your house, yes he can, yes he can! You get to eat it all up, all by your big boy self! Yummy yummy yummy! huggie huggie kissie kissie!