Saturday, March 27, 2010

Return to the Jungle...

First of all on Thursday Dale & Hillary FINALLY went to visit with our family camp friends Ben & Leslie in Tracy. It was so much fun playing with there cute kids!
Ethan, Curtis
 and the adorable twirling Sara
 Leslie baked muffins for us to take home, a much needed home cooked meal and let us do our laundry. It was a great visit with good friends.

On Friday we meet with Dr. Martin for the final all clear to go home. We also meet with the pharmacist to get the latest list of drugs Kevin is taking, yippee.
My best friend Tara came to say goodbye before we headed home.
It is so good to be home and enjoy the beautiful spring weather. It was a perfect day so we all spent it outside because our hill has become an African Jungle while we were gone. Rain + Warm Weather =
Attack of the Weeds!

Darrell weed whacked while Hillary raked up behind him...
Candice mowed...
Mom pulled weeds and....
Dad supervised!
Then we had a family dinner (Grammy included) of Costco lasagna with veggies and watch the Blind Side for the first time.
It was a GREAT day :-)


  1. So glad to see you are all home! Kevin, you are looking very well.