Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Treatment is Torture, Cancer Stinks

We knew it would be a horrible process but there is really no preparation for him or us. Watching someone suffer to this extent is excruciating. I have seen my Dad "mostly dead" before and it seems that through this treatment he has come full circle. The treatment has been working to kill the cancer but it darn near kills the man in the process. Because of the pain & discomfort they have basically put Kevin into a drug induced sleep. It is extremely hard to witness him suffer SO much.  He is having weird dreams that agitate him. His "tower of terror" is rapidly growing!
The bag with a yellow color is platelets. This is his 2nd bag today.
Today's numbers are on the far left had side dated 3/10. The last number is platelets. This morning it was 6 (anyone below 10 gets more) they gave him a bag and it went up to 34. This afternoon they gave him a second bag and from now on they will not let it drop below 50. The number 27.1 is his red blood, he will probably get a transfusion later today for that because they don't let it drop below 27. The other 2 numbers that are -0.1 means he has no immune system, these numbers should start to come up soon when his replanted stem cells start producing.

They are also giving him "food" threw his IV, he hasn't eaten anything in days and what little that when in before that didn't stay in long. He has been having cramping and spasms in his abdomen. They believe he might have Clostridium Dificly (don't worry we don't know how to pronounce it either!) Which is a bug we all have in our intestine, it has been agitated by the vomiting, diarrhea, loads of antibiotics & lack of food. This is normal in patience with NO immunity & who have received massive chemo. Just another bump in the road but it hits at the worst possible time.

To add to this rather depressing post for our blog we also recently learned that my cousin (Kevin & Dale's niece) Becky has Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. It has not been staged yet they are waiting for the latest biopsy results. Becky is in her early 30's, has a husband and 6 month old baby girl. I feel like our family is falling apart all at the same time and my emotions are torn in so many directions. There is a link to her blog on the right hand side of our blog. I'm tired of bad news and cancer we need some good news STAT!!!


  1. Wow. There are always downs to go with all the ups in life. You are in the valley for sure. We're praying for the upturn to come soon. And we know it is coming! Hang in there!
    Kathy and Larry

  2. When all this began, Joe and I talked to Kevin about how one day this would be a remarkable story. And it will. What amazing examples all of you are, and just never forget the song of prayer reaching God's ears as we all lift up our voices to ask for Kevin's healing. And we will ask for healing blessings for Becky, too, as well as Spencer. Thinking of all of you with love, The Retis

  3. I have some good news! The majority of our family is illness and disease free! We have a large family, and statistically a few of us were bound for illness. The rest should live comfortably for many years!
    I love you guys. I hope Roger and I can keep it together as well as you have through Kevin's treatments. Your strength helps me to be strong too.

  4. funny how it differs a little from spencer's numbers. they don't do a transfusion until hct is 24. i am so sorry about all of these "faith and character building" trials. i am right there with ya! love ya tons!