Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Few Happy Photos

I figure while Kevin is feeling really, really, really lousy I will put some happy photos on the blog.Nothing can prepare you for how horrible having 0 white blood cells feels. The top number is Kevin's white blood cells which are ZERO. This is a really terrible process and we are looking forward to being on the other side of this transplant.
On Friday night Dale and I were able to attend the Oakland Temple for the first time since this roller-coaster ride started 6 months ago. We went with our dear friends Ben, Leslie and Tara. It was freezing and windy but we managed to snap a few shots. It was dark but the grounds are gorgeous, you can see a few huge tulips in the back ground of this pic.
We had such a wonderful time visiting with our friends that we got back late so we decided to sleep in on Saturday morning. There is a wonderful walking path right outside our door that we have been enjoying each morning but today was so beautiful that we just couldn't stop. We walked over 6 miles, which of course was NOT planned and may never happen again, we just keep wanting to know what was around the next corner. A room with a view.
Sunday morning we attended the singles ward with Tara, which is always an interesting experience. Then she cooks us an amazing home cooked meal, which is by far the best food we've had in weeks! We always have such a fun time visiting Tara!

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