Friday, March 19, 2010

Report from the Doctor

Kevin is finally on the road to recovery. Numbers are looking pretty good, although he will get platelets again today. Once he can eat and they get everything else under control we can go home! We are looking at roughly another week here.

We asked about the looming 2nd transplant Kevin was originally supposed to do but Dr. Wolff doesn't want to put him through this again. He says about 5% of patients react as bad as Kevin, about 5% don't have any reactions and the other 90% have a few bad days but recover quickly.  As Kevin says "He's such a wuss they're not doing another one."  Doc doesn't want to risk doing that again to Kevin so the "new plan," for now, will be to go home and start maintenance drugs like velcade and revlimid with Dr. Bonis. This is wonderful news because it means that we might be at the end of this cancer for now, HURRAY!!!



  1. That is such great news! I'm sure you're all excited to get home. Love to you all, Rick

  2. Terric news! Its all down hill from here. In a good way, I mean. Now babies are coming home so we need Kevin to get his butt out of bed and come and hold babies! Can't wait to see you guys. Lets find a way to celebrate!

  3. yay! then you can come and spend more time with me and spence in the hospital! yay! love you guys so much!

  4. Good to hear that you guys will be home soon! Can't wait to see you. Take care and our prayers are always with you.
    We love you so much!

    Ken and Debbie