Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Continued Improvements

Kevin is making steady progress in the right direction. He is feeling a little better and isn't 'as' crazy as he was. He is allowed to eat food again but it's been a while so he will have to start off slow. He is still nauseated and dealing with diarrhea but it is getting less frequent so he's happy about that. He has been so high maintenance lately that he actually had a sitter in with him 24/7. 
His 1st sitter, Fermeke, is from Ethiopia.
His 2nd sitter was from the Philippines but lived in Saudi Arabia for 10 years as a nurse before here. Sorry I didn't get a picture.We love how multicultural it is here!
We had a nice visit today with Kevin's favorite 'by the book' nurse, Agnes, from his 1st stay at UCSF last September. He didn't want to follow rules but she made him, it was a love/frustration friendship for both of them. (We were on Agnes's side)

Kevin's counts are coming up nicely. He has some immunity back which is good but we still have to be careful. They have taken him off some of the many 'goody bags' which were hanging on his 'tower of terror.' Little by little they will take him off meds, he will start eating & hopefully keep it down and get the diarrhea under control. Then they will talk about sending him home & when he might be coming back for round two. (Round two will be different, the doc wasn't happy with all of Kevin's reactions and will change the process for next time. Things have changed so much so frequently for Kevin's treatment that the doctor gets confused too, it's kinda funny)  

Dale & I decided to do our daily walk around the hospital to visit a community garden we had seen in the winter and wanted to see blooming. Here are some of the fabulously vibrant colors we found...
It was fun!


  1. Thank you Thank you Thank you Hillary for all of your wonderful posts about your dad! We love you and what more is there to say but we are praying for you all and all those working with your dad. It is so confusing to see your dad look so good in his pictures and know he is going through so much. It is that fighting spirit! We love you all. Just thinking of you all the Sniderbunch

  2. What fantastic news! I am so happy to hear that he is on his way up.
    Thanks for keeping us up to date. It is wonderful to hear that there are doctors out there that actually monitor the patient as an individual and are continually working and trying to cure my awesome, irreplaceable uncle.

    And..thanks for the the support. Our journey is just starting and it is a bit scary. It is nice to know we have pros like yourselves watching our backs.
    Love Becky