Thursday, March 11, 2010


Well today's numbers are finally starting to come back up, a little. They went from -0.1 to 0.1. He's not feeling any better yet because of this new GI tract problem but the doc's think in a couple of days we should see real progress. We are really hoping to see progress soon cause watching him suffer is getting old. Tonight they are going to start him on the food supplements through his IV and he also got a "pain pump" today. It releases pain meds automatically but he can push a button if he needs a little more when he's having a spams. This sounds great in theory but I am afraid he is so drugged he is not conscience enough to do it himself.  Every day we hold our breath as we enter his room waiting for conscience Kevin to greet us and not loopy Kevin, who makes us laugh but doesn't make any sense.
The tower continues to grow! So much in fact that they had to put a secondary IV line in his arm the other day and he will probably need a PICC line put in his arm again tomorrow. Only so much stuff can go in each line at a time and he's on TONS of stuff. This pic doesn't have him hooked up to the 'food' yet. His poor nurse is working overtime to keep his lines and all the meds straight. 

On a happier note my mom and I took another walk around the hospital instead of our trusty path by our hotel this morning. We mostly want to get a close up look at a restored old Victorian house that is stunning. On our way to it we came across this children play ground with this outside the fence
It made me think about how terrible he's feeling and how much his life sucks right now but he has oodles of daffodils, or friends, who love him, are praying for him, and will carry us through yet another low point. I am so grateful for you all and the joy and smiles that you bring even in our darkest moments. It's the same warm feeling I got when I saw these flowers today!
The detail work is unreal on this house and the colors are stunning up close.
We are surrounded by beautiful reminders that this earth was created for us and no matter what horrible situation we find ourselves in we can always find beauty and something to be grateful for!


  1. That house is amazing! A nice little distraction from the hospital I am sure.
    I wish I could give you all a big hug, so I am doing it in my mind.

    I love you.

  2. Thanks for your posts. I hate reading the three blogs I actually read, but at the same time love them. They bring me closer to people I love. Reading your posts gives me hope. Even when you are angry and sad and discouraged I still always feel hope from you all. I am glad you can find beauty where you are. Let us know if you need anything.

    Love to all, including loopy Kevin,
    Kim, Nick and girls

  3. Appreicate your thoughts. What a beautiful flower!! True...the Lord created this world for us to enjoy. Sometimes we just forget to slow down and enjoy the simple things. Thanks for the reminder. You guys are in our prayers.