Monday, March 8, 2010


Everything that's happening is supposed to happen, good news, bad news.  He feels lousy, nausea, diarrhea, no sleep, etc.  But, we just had a visit from this week's attending, which is our beloved Dr. Jeffery Wolf!  Dr. Wolf will be on for two weeks!  The doctors here are all superb, but we love Dr.Wolf because he is the doctor in charge of all of this, whether we see him or not.  He came in with an entourage who will all try to help him feel better now.  A new nausea cocktail and pills to stop the diarrhea.  They will start neupogen soon and that will make his stem cells grow and that will make him feel better!

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  1. Hey Hillary,
    Thanks for being such a good daughter and keeping us all posted. It's nice to be able to stay informed even from so far away. We love you and your family and continually keep you guys in our prayers. You dad's example of faith and endurance is testimony builder for us all. Thanks for sharing your lives with us all. :)