Friday, April 2, 2010

Holding My Own

Although I may not look like I'm doing better, I have medical proof that I am.  When they sent me home from UCSF I met with my wonderful local oncologist/hematologist, Dr. Wm. Bonis, who set me up with Mon, Weds, Fri blood tests to primarily monitor my platelets, which is a measure of recovery.  In my last post I think I mentioned that the platelets, then digestive system were the last things to recover after the stem cell replant.  On the morning of my release from UCSF hospital, they gave me a platelet infusion to boost my numbers.  On Mon and Weds the blood tests have shown that my platelets have been holding their own, and it appears that they are even increasing on their own.  Therefore, I have not needed to go in for platelet infusions, as the Drs had suspected and planned.  Now, if only I could get my digestive tract to come along...

Happy birthday to my mom today.  Love you mom.

Thank you all for your prayers and support.  We still need them.  We have to return to UCSF on Tues for tests.
With much love and appreciation.  Kevin


  1. Glad to hear of the progress, hang in there! The guy in our ward that you met...Troy, his recovery has been nothing short of a miracle, and it took approx. a year. Take Care, Dana

  2. yay! we went to grandma's today for a bday visit! hang in there! we are praying for you! love you!

  3. So, can you see the could just call yourself the fourth quadruplet! Glad you're holding your own and I pray you don't need to do that again. is amazing like being baptized from the inside. I never knew they could do that. Still in our prayers. love ya.