Monday, April 12, 2010

Baby Steps

We are happily still at home.  Kevin is making progress.  His platelet counts have been coming up continually to the point that we no longer have to go in every other day for a blood draw.  I think this is quite remarkable.  When we left UCSF they told us it was normal for patients to still need platelets for a week or two and Kevin has not needed any!

On the down side he is still battling the side effect of his February 28th chemo.  He was told to expect nausea for as long a two to three months!  Par for the course.  He wasn't expecting to be plagued by diarrhea this long.  That is why we postponed our check up at UCSF.   They must not be too concerned as they have not called me back to re-schedule.  We see Dr. Bonis here on Wednesday with a fresh set of labs to go over.
I think Kevin is getting a teeny tiny bit better each day or so.  He probably doesn't see the progress as readily as we do as he is the one suffering from it, but we do.  Today he is feeling tired and resting from a bad night.  He matches the weather, which is gloomy and rainy.

I owe many thank yous.  I've been so busy since we returned home with chores and such I have put off writing my thank you notes .  I apologize and hope to get on it today.  My heart is full of gratitude to all of you who are helping us so much and in so many ways. You are always on my mind.  Thinking of you all uplifts my spirits and reminds me of the goodness still in the world.  Why can't we turn on the news and hear about all the acts of kindness performed each and every day?  Until I can personally thank you, thank you!
Love, Dale


  1. Dear ones - Still checking every day, praying every day. Love, Norma

  2. oh dale,
    that is too many thank you's. make one very big thank you card on your blog. i think everyone understands if you are not able to get them out! love you!