Thursday, April 29, 2010


Mass herbicide was committed near two rural residences outside of Paso Robles early last week. One witness reported odd activity around the Richards home late Monday afternoon by a large group of people described as "unusual and cultist". The group is reported to have consisted of as many as twelve men and women as well as two small children according to one source. The group is said to be responsible for the massacre of literally hundreds of thousands of innocent plants that resided around the homes of the Richards family and one Edith Crosby.
Here three of the culprits can be seen. Identified from left to right as Matt Purkiss, Larry Griffith, and Ken Smith.

Several photos were taken by horrified onlookers and some of the individuals that have committed this heinous act of violence against the plants have been positively identified, however none have been apprehended by local law enforcement. One officer has come forward with a few more details but has wished to remain anonymous. He/She said: "While the severity of this act can not be denied we do receive many such reports of violence against plants around this time every year and cannot release any information pertaining to whom we have or have not apprehended including the repeat offenders. While it may come as a shock to many of you that such acts could be committed with such regularity even in your own neighborhood that fact remains that it does happen."
(Margaret Purkiss) "oh the horror!"

Shocking indeed. Even more shocking perhaps is the response given by the Richards family when asked what they would say if they ever had the chance to confront those herbicidal maniacs that had struck just outside their home. They said, "Thank you, thank you, thank you."
Identified Culprits: WANTED
(Top: Dale, Christine, Floyd, Ben, Matt, Margaret, Darrell, Larry, Kathy, Ken, Kevin)
(Bottom: Karla, Trevin & Olivia)
Darrell, on the scene Reporter


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  2. Hey Darrell...I think they could be known as "Culprit Angels"
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