Friday, May 7, 2010

Hillary's Trip to Utah

I was able to break away and visit my relatives in Utah at the end of April.  It started off a little rocky when my flight was canceled due to a flat tire. Luckily I was re-routed quickly and still able to make it the same day. I got to spend a few hours in the San Francisco airport where I had a great view of our old hotel and walking path. It is still all too familiar.

The day after I arrived I was able to go and visit my amazingly strong cousin Becky. I apologize up front for the picture Becky. (she was trying to get Aida to smile but she was overwhelmed by strange, new people)
Becky was diagnosed with Nodular Sclerosis Hodgkin Lymphoma (cancer) in March. She just finished the 4th of 12 chemo treatments and even thou they kick her butt she is still a wife, mother, researcher and working. Becky is probably one of the strongest people I know and I learn so much from her each time we visit. I wish I would have had more time to spend with her!

I spent some quality time with Grandma Richards as she was healing from a knee injury. After some physical therapy she is feeling better and hopefully will visit us is Paso Robles soon enough. I went to Brianna's Graduation from BYU. What an amazing accomplishment, I'm so jealous!
Brianna wasn't going to let the rain get her down she was just bursting with joy!

Most of the time I was able to visit with my cousin Holly, her incredible son Spencer and adorable Isabelle & Gavin. Spencer was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma (cancer, he has a tumor near his brain effecting his facial nerves)
Spencer has a tough battle ahead of him but he's a fighter and has a wonderful sense of humor which has already been a BIG help. It was so wonderful to be with them and witness a small piece of their incredible journey. I love you, you are my Super Spence!

A friend of Holly's makes 'Lolly bags' and was donating proceeds to Spencer's care. My mom quickly ordered one. They make wonderful hospital bags. Here is Melanie with my mom's bag (the green one) and an adorable ruffle bag that I am drooling over!
To checkout her Lolly Bags visit

On Sunday we had a wonderful family dinner and I was having such a good time eating and talking that I didn't take any pictures! I am upset with myself about this, arrgh! The food was phenomenal and the company even better. I am looking forward to a LOT of new positive changes in my life.

Thank you family and friends for a wonderful vacation that you made perfectly relaxing and enjoyable. I can't wait to do it again!


  1. Wait! you just got back and you're ready to go again? lol

  2. We are so glad you visited! You are welcome back anytime to stay with any of us! No worries about the picture. It simply shows that natural state of my mouth; open with something always coming out!
    We love and hope to visit you guys in the fall.