Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Post Cancer Party

While we were in southern California for some Disney fun (without Kevin) we had a family & friends post cancer party.
Kevin meet with Sandy, our friend who's a chiropractor for some post treatment help.
He was able to get an adjustment, some helpful supplements and cell simulator on his back.
Then we got down to partying
 The Tulanian's, Olson's, Whitaker, Westbrook bunch
Judy (she's one of Kevin's "special friends") and Nancy
Kevin's niece Amberly, son Radley, husband Aaron, Dale, Kevin and Dale's brother Rick
Kevin's nephew Dan and Elle (we missed you Taryn)
Nancy, Kevin and Rick
Kim & Nick's adorable girls Courtney, Jocelyn and Lauren made a castle and village
We all had a wonderful time. Kevin was feeling great and did a lot of walking and standing at the party. Every day he is improving and making great strides in progress. His friends and family have been a crucial party of his speedy recovery and we are entirely grateful to you all!

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