Friday, May 7, 2010

Many Suspected I Was A "Quart Low"

Hi Everyone;

I just figured it was time for me to give another update.  I did get my blood transfusion on Thurs. April 27.  I had forgotten how long they take.  I was at the Outpatient Clinic at our local hospital from 9am to about 3:40pm.  I had to get 2 'units' of blood.  On Sunday at church when Roger Oxborrow asked how I was doing and I told him about the transfusion, he simply stated "We suspected that you were a 'quart low' for a long time."  I'm sure he spoke for many.  A person only has about 5 quarts in them, and being a quart low, especially while I'm trying to recover, was a great concern of my doctors.  It was also the impetus for a tremendous improvement of my condition.  I was worn out from sitting in the clinic all day Thurs, and Fri morning wasn't much better.  I took a little nap and when I woke up about 1:20pm, it was like a switch had been thrown.  I FELT GOOD!  I mean I felt really good.  I had energy, and I had hunger.  Somethings that I hadn't experienced for 8 months.

I went into the office in town for a short time and when querried about dinner I responded that pizza sounded good.  Dale had made pizza at home about a week and a half earlier, and I tried a sliver, and that was all I could eat.  We got pizza from our family favorite in town, (ham and artichoke, light on cheese, extra sauce) from Chubby's, and I ate 3 big pieces!  And lived.  Sat. morning Darrell & I spent about an hour polishing up the 2 waverunners to get ready to sell (no real income for 8 months other than the support & love from family and friends) then dropped off my old motorcycle to donate to the shop, then had a Carl's Jr. burger with Darrell and ate all but 2 bites.  And lived.  Then went with Hillary to hold one of the triplets (Connor) and visit with Brett about their blessings.  What a day!  What a difference.

Sunday was a very important day.  I was able to assist in the blessings of Betsy (top billing) and Brett's triplets, Conner, Colton and Caleb.  Plus, all of my family was at church as well.  First time in over 8 months. What a great and spiritual experience that was.  We were also able to visit with some friends and former Ward members who came into town for the blessings.  Arnie Zumbrunnen (sans wife and daughter who were up in Washington for a baptism of her nephew, I believe) and the Salanoa family (with their 5 boys), who will soon be moving to Colorado and many of Betsy's and Brett's family.  What a great treat that was.  I wouldn't of  had the energy for the visit before the transfusion.  I'm very thankful for the strength that our Heavenly Father blessed me with that allowed me to be a part of all that.  Then, back home for a wonderful family dinner with all of the kids and Grammy.  What a great day.

Today Dale and I went in to town to have a blood draw for my appointment with my local oncologist on Monday.  We'll let you know what he says, but we suspect that everything's going to be good.  Then Tues. we leave for So. Cal/OC so Dale and Hillary can go to Disneyland.  They have season passes and with my cancer they haven't been able to use them.  So now, Dale and Hillary can go and get their money's worth.  The best part for us, however, is the get together on the 15th with family and family camp friends that we haven't been able to see for such a long time.  I have 2 nieces (Kim and Taryn) with 2 brand new babies, and another great-nephew (Amberly's) that we haven't seen since just before the cancer was diagnosed.  I will be in hog-ett (remember, I lost 80 lbs, so I'm not really a 'hog' anymore) heaven with these dear people.

I had a wonderful telephone conversation with a dear friend and she made the statement, "It must have been just horrible".  I had to respond something to the effect of, "It really wasn't.  Not for me anyway.  Every day, as I closed my eyes, I could feel the power from people's prayers pouring into me.  I could see their faces.  I felt their love.  I've had 18 priesthood blessings.  The first telling me that I was going to live through this, with the others giving me specific blessings to get me through whatever I was going through, or what I wanted or needed at that time.  I've had personal spiritual experiences that are too sacred to share.  It really wasn't as bad as it looked."  I have to thank all of you for that.  I was so out of it that I thought I was a UN delegate, was left handed, and even called my mother in Utah to tell her I was pregnant!  Just to name a few.  Talk to Dale and Hillary for the full score on these.  Your prayers and good thoughts on my behalf kept me sane.  Blessed me.  Sustained me.  I hope that some day I may be able to repay my debt to you all.  Love.  Kevin

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  1. Happy, happy, good, good blog. And enjoyed your note yesterday. Remember! (from Galaxy Quest) Never give up! Never Surrender! Specially when you have promises from your Bishop. Love, Norma