Friday, May 14, 2010

Our Happy Place

Monday evening we had a nice Mother's day surprise, Grammy's sister Skid and her daughter Chris came for a visit. We had a delicious dinner with them and were able to catch up. Grammy & Skid are a cute pair, Grammy can't talk and Skid can't hear. They are the sweetest old ladies ever, WE LOVE THEM!

Dale & Hillary's 'Happy Place' is Disneyland which is why we have annual passes. Dale's is about to expire and oddly enough we didn't have much tome to use it this last year. So it was time for 1 last hurrah. 
We brought Tara along to celebrate her graduating with a masters in occupational therapy and met up with some friends & family along the way.
Disney has the best hats, we had a great time trying them on.
My cousin Kim & her two youngest met us in the morning for kiddie rides, which we love just as much as the kiddies! Loren & I rode the rocket ship ride.
In the afternoon our long time friends Joyce and her son Lance met us for part of the day. We rode Tower of Terror twice. Once because Tara had never been on it before and twice because it is SO much fun and we couldn't get enough!
(We are all in the front row Dale, Hillary, Tara, Joyce & Lance)
Then on to Toy Story
We had 2 wonderful, magical days at Disneyland and now are feet are killing us! We get to spend the rest of the weekend with our friends and family. It is so nice to have a mini break and get away from home and hospitals. We are all having a nice time and enjoying ourselves.
Friday we met with our fellow family camper Dr. Sandy T. who is a chiropractor and holistic healer. She was able to determine what vitamins and supplements Kevin needs to help his body heal after this traumatic 9 months.



  1. what the heck is she doing to kevin's back? she's not the chainsaw murderer, is she?

  2. SOOOOO jealous of your Disney experience! Next year perhaps we will all go!
    And I agree with Grandma Kathleen. What the @#$%% is going on with Kevin's back?


  3. You have to admit, it looks like Kirk sitting there. Bald and skinny is beautiful, baby. xoxo's to all! Love you, mean it!!