Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Visit from Mammy (&Jeff)

Last weekend Kevin's mother was FINALLY able to visit after a long 9 months and we had a wonderful time. Kevin's brother Jeff took time off to bring her for a long weekend.
Their first night Dale made a great family dinner that we all enjoyed
The next day we were able to visit our good friends the Kings so Grandma could see their 3 month old triplets.
Grandma Richards spent some quality time with Colton
While Dale caught up with Caleb
While I hung out with Conner
The next day we went to Cambria and stopped by a cool shop for a guy who makes cool things out of natural California redwood. He gave Kevin a redwood mushroom for the garden.
Then Jeff treated us to a FABULOUS dinner at Linn's! It was an incredible meal and everyone left very happy and stuffed. Thank you Jeff & Mandy for the wonderful meal with the whole family.
Sunday morning we had to say our goodbyes but everyone had a nice time even though it was short it was about time.

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  1. I am so happy you were able to visit grandma...and Jeff. I know grandma has been aching to get there for a visit, as have the rest of us, but grandma in particular!