Sunday, May 9, 2010

Blessings All Around

Last Sunday our entire family had the opportunity to witness the baby blessings of three very special little boys. Our close friends, family really, had triplet boys February 24th and Sunday they were given beautiful blessings by their father Brett.

Proud parents Brett & Betsy with Colton, Caleb, and Conner
We love being a part of their family and I know that Kevin & Dale are looking forward to some quality baby time. Do you think the boys will mind being surrogate Richards grandkids?
Here's a picture of most of the baby's entourage a few had to leave early.
It was a gorgeous Sabbath day! Kevin was so excited that he had pep in his step and wasn't extremely tired after church like usual.  He even bore his testimony for the first time in 8 months over the pulpit. I think he has the most fun re-introducing himself to close friends in the ward who wonder who is this bald, skinny, new guy? He comes home with new stories of re-introduction each week. His spirits have been so brightened threw his visiting with friends and FINALLY getting out of the house. Kevin is working on some new exercises and stretches to help whip him into shape but like the rest of this experience it will be a slow and steady process. For now we are enjoying the sunny weather and healthy days!


  1. so glad to see you all in church yesterday. I love Kevin's "baby" hair growth.

  2. How incredibly awesome was that?!!! I've got tears in my eyes reading that.

  3. It was so great to see you guys again! We were so happy to see bishop doing so well and to hear his testimony. I love your family and am inspired by your ability to choose a positive attitute no matter what. Thanks so much for your wonderful example and friendship. You all look wonderful! What a wonderful day that was!