Friday, April 16, 2010


Hey everyone, it's me again.  First and foremost, thank you to all of you who still are remembering me in your prayers and thoughts, and those that are still helping us financially.  I cry every night as I remember you in my prayers.  My heart is so full of gratitude and love for you.  You have changed my life forever for the better, and I will NEVER forget your kindness, love and true charity.  Thank you.
Hillary's off with a friend from the Ward to help her with her 4 yr. old twins and 2 month old TRIPLETTS!  Dale's at Costco and catching up on errands.  They left me here with the laptop, so here I go.  Hillary's flying off to Utah the middle of next week and is busy getting everything ready at home and work, so I'm going to update the blog myself.
We had a long visit with my local oncologist/hematologist, Dr. Bonis, on Wednesday.  From the latest blood tests the results were encouraging.  He said that all of my numbers were really good and that my immune system has recovered and is in place and working.  That means visitors are now welcome and that I am no longer under house arrest and actually can go out in public, somewhat, cautiously.  Hooray.
You know how your car makes a noise, until you take it in to the mechanic?  Well, that has kinda been the same thing with my GI tract.  I'd had problems with it for the last 6 weeks.  Then we go to the Doctor on Weds, who orders a bunch of tests.  We go to the lab to get all the stuff, and miracle of miracles (again), no problem since.  I've been on a very restrictive diet to keep from having problems, until last night.  Last night Dale bbq'd steak, made roasted potatoes and yams and fresh green beans.  I HAD SOME OF EVERYTHING AND HAVE NOT HAD ANY REPERCUSSIONS, yet.  I'm waiting, but it's the next afternoon.  Normally, like last Sunday where Dale made sweet and sour chicken and rice and I had 1 tiny bite, it came back to haunt me within a couple of hours.  We may have turned a BIG corner.  It happened overnight, so I'm guessing that between your and our prayers, and the healing power of the Saviour, if I play it right and don't try anything too stupid, I just might have this behind (no pun intended, ok maybe a little pun intended) me.  I think this would be the last and biggest hurdle in my recovery from my bone marrow/stem cell replant and huge last chemotherapy.  We'll keep you posted.
Thank you all again for all that you've done to encourage and support me over the last nearly 8 months.  I love you all.  Don't forget to email me at the chemoslobber@gmail site.

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  1. Kevin that is such GREAT news. You and the Family have been in our HEARTS AND PRAYERS We read your Blog twice a week. It sounds like you will be on the Basketball quart soon. Love you all.