Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Good Checkup

Hi everyone, and thank you for checking up on us.  Dale & I made the trek up to San Francisco yesterday for my belated checkup with Dr. Wolf.  After the usual blood draws, we were able to have a very relaxed visit with the good Dr.  As a short recap, my cancer already was in complete remission from my chemo treatments before my stem cell transplant on Feb. 28th (which really surprised them due to the extent and aggressive nature of the cancer). IF they blood work shows any cancer present, or the enzymes suggest that it could be happening again, then I'll have to do some more big chemo treatments before they put me on "maintenance".  BUT, they don't think that there is or will be a problem with that, so we will likely be able to start the "maintenance" in about a month.  Due to my slower recovery from the stem cell transplant, they want me to be stronger before I start the revlimid (rev-le-mid) maintenance drug.  This is a low dose chemo pill that is taken once a day.  I'll likely be on it for about 2 years.  They start out with a real low dose, 10mg, then work up to a 25mg daily dose.  Starting lower then working up helps to reduce the side effects as the body adjusts to it, which in turn allows me to be more functional.  The Dr, also took me off of  the blood pressure medication, so 1 less pill to take.  Also, my red blood count was low, so I will be going in to get a blood transfusion from my local oncologist in the next day or two, but all in all I am feeling OK.  The Dr. thinks it's a side effect from one of my medications, Dapsome,, so he had me stop that for now as well.  We go back in a month for another check-up.  So, the great news is that I likely am done with the big chemo stuff.and that I'll be able to resume my more abnormal life again soon.  Yipee.  Thank you all for your continued love and support.  We still need it.  And who knows, I might even see you around soon someday.


  1. I bet you can't wait to get back to your abnormal life. Hope to see you soon and I still pray for you every night.

  2. Oh, this is wonderful Kevin!!!! (((((Many Hugs))))

  3. Well, KR, that truly is wonderful news. Miraculous news. Answer to lots, and lots of prayers news. Thank goodness this stage is drawing to an end, and the maintenance can begin. Your wonderfully abnormal life awaits! God bless you, Kevin, you will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. (Hey, have you had a chance to check out all the new Crosby grandkid photos the girls have been putting up recently? You'll love 'em!)