Wednesday, April 7, 2010

No Check Up Yet

We decided not to go to our check up appointment at UCSF Tuesday because Kevin wasn't up to the trip.  The Doctors know about Kevin's residual side affects and are contemplating what they want to do next or how to stop the problems. We will let you know when we hear back but for now we are sitting tight waiting it out crossing our fingers that we don't have to go back to Twin Cities anytime soon.

He has to go into town every other day to have a blood test to see if he need a blood transfusion or platelets. Thankfully since we've been home he hasn't needed either cause the numbers are looking good. Now if we could just get ride of these pesky side effects...


  1. Pray to get rid of pesky side affects, Check. :)

  2. We sure do appreciate these posts. We all want to accompany you on this journey, Kevin, and feel like a part of things when your family shares your experiences. Sorry to hear that the side effects are so miserable. You make light of them, but we can only imagine how difficult they really are. Thanks again for your example of strength and faith...and HUMOR! Daily prayers coming your way.
    Love, The Retis

  3. Dearest Kevin,if I thought that letting you hit me in the choppers would help get rid of the side effects,for some inexplicable reason, then I'd say,"Kevin, take your best shot!" Of course, I'd have to retaliate, but I'd wait until your cancer was just a distant memory like a bad dream...then I'd get you out of the blue when you'd least expect it. BAM!SPLAT!WHAMO!POW! 'Hope this happy little thought cheers you up in some small way. xoxo's!Love to the wife! Love you, mean it!