Tuesday, September 28, 2010

On The Road Again!

Kevin decided he needed a vacation so he decided to visit the relatives and take the road less traveled.
First we drove through a 'wildlands fire' near Beaver, Utah.  We can't seem to get away from smoke!
We met Kevin's brother Alan and his wife Lynette in Moab, spent the night and went to see Arches National Park.  Here's Hillary and I in front of one of MANY arches...
Kevin enjoying a banana split appetizer while waiting for lunch.  Alan helped...
Next we drove to Canyonlands Park.  This is the Colorado River...
Hillary, Alan, and Kevin
The Brothers
The Oscar Mayer Wiener Mobile spent the night at the Marriott Residence Inn with us in Glenwood Springs, CO. Hillary enjoying a once in a life time Nikon moment!
Target in Glenwood Springs, makes us feel at home, aah!
Not bad for an 'out the window of a moving car' photo.  This is the drive through the canyon following the Colorado River.  The aspens are turning, stunning!
Rain!  This is why we didn't get to ride bicycles through the canyon.  There they are on Alan's car in front of us.  Two on the back and three in the trunk, believe it or not!
Broomfield, CO.  This is the closest in the room Hillary stayed in.  My very talented sister in law transformed the closet into a little girl's dream dress up room.  Just imagine...
The guest room I stayed in, complete with a gift basket loaded with Colorado gifts, including water bottles, caps, chips, flag, and did I mention chocolate?  Lynette is the hostess with the mostest!
Part of the first decadent breakfast Lynette prepared for us.  She's really trying to fatten us up and it's working!
Alan with grandsons Tristan & Carson and of course Uncle Kevin!  They took a moonlight hike up the Flat Iron Mountains...
The brothers waiting outside the Celestial Seasoning's factory and gift shop!  Guess where we are?
A restaurant on the Boulder Walking mall.  BJ's, very yummy!
Bear Lake in the Rocky Mountain National Park...Pristine!
Dale & Lynette on the walk around Bear Lake
Alan & Kevin on the other side of Bear Lake!
Hillary and I on our hike through Rocky Mountain Park.  The aspens are turning.  They are bright as sunshine to the eye!
We made the boys take us to a really cool rock shop.  I bought some really cool rocks!  Bonus!  There were two 'cow' elks and babies on the other side of a pond right outside of the rock shop!  Then the 'bull' elk showed himself on the other side!  We couldn't get too close though.  The boys saw that bull chase a lady around the pond when she got too close for her photo opp!  Seriously!
He knew we wanted a picture of him but he would not turn to face us!
I love rocks!  Kevin & Darrell often brought rocks home from their Boy Scout adventures, Kevin picked picked up a cobble on our trip to Germany and now I have a small pile of rocks bought in Colorado, collected from around the United States!  I will find a place for them in the garden.
The charming village of Estes, CO
The cousins trying mini sweet peppers for the first time!
Ehh...not so much.  But they gave it a good try!  Someday they are going to love them, I just know it!
Alan & Lynette put on a feast at home.  Our niece, Emily, Hillary, Tristan and Dale.  Carson was our photographer!
We stopped in Fort Collins, CO to visit with the beautiful Salanoa family who lived in Paso Robles for a year and we refuse to give them up!  Monty is there to get a Masters degree and then on to medical school!  We hope to get them back some day! 
Our niece Holly with her children, Gavin & Isabelle.  Her son Spencer is in Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City fighting an infection.  His dad Nate was there with him.  This morning he was getting better, please keep praying!
Cousin Becky and Uncle Kevin comparing 'porta-catheters'.  If he ever asks if you want to see his scar, just say no...
A fraction of the family gathering at Grandma Richards
More of the same...
Kevin, Aunt Nona, and his 'Mammy' Barbara
Kevin's brother Jeff, Mandy, Dale, the Lewis family, and Mason.  Jeff took us out to eat at a new hamburger restaurant opened by a ward member.  Good times! 
We were blessed to be able to visit Frank and Carrie Connolly in West Jordan.  Kevin was honored to give them both priesthood blessings assisted by two of their ward members.  They send their love to all in Paso Robles.
Did you know that Hillary discovered a herd of Elk right on our own hill?  By the time we got out with our camera's they had been herded away, so we did the next best thing...We took her to Cabela's to see one up close.  She's ready for action.  Our bull elk wasn't going to take any chances of ending up stuffed at Cabela's so he was smart enough to run!
That's it for now.  If you made it all the way to the end, I commend you.  Betsy, you asked for this, I hope you find the time to see ALL of it!

We are really enjoying our visit so far, but we miss our family and friends in Paso Robles!
Love, Dale


  1. I love the pictures! It's pictures like those that remind me how much I miss everyone.

  2. We miss you too and hope you have a wonderful trip and get home soon!

  3. Hillary,
    You are soooooo good at this! I love the pics!


  4. Thanks for stopping by! Kyle loves rocks too! I wish I'd of known you had some he'd of had a blast looking at them with you. Your trip looks super fun, but super exhausting. I bet you needed a few days off after it all, but totally worth it. You all look great!! Oh, and we LOVE Paso and do hope to come back on day!:)