Saturday, September 4, 2010

Spectacular Finish!

After last Saturday we had two more work parties Monday and Tuesday and a full day for me on Wednesday and the only thing left is one more coat of red on the door (when the weather is cooler) and some minor touch-ups.  It looks fabulous!  Better than it did when it was brand new.  It never got the TLC that it received this time.  How can we ever thank Conner, the Jorgensen's and all our wonderful friends?  The scaffolding left today.  It's finished!  Here are some photos of what was done this past week.  Thanks for the memories!
Crew left at the end of the day 8/28/10.  Ron, Matt, Tristin, Dale, Kevin, Jamie, Bailey, Arnie, Conner, Hanna, & Randy
Ron in full painting gear.  Pretty cute isn't he?
Kevin giving sage counsel to Mark and Matt our resident experts.
Randy & Conner, father and son, holding up their end of the bargain.
More Torque Mark!  The gutters were really a pain.  The 'professionals' that originally installed them did it ALL wrong.  Now it's done right.
They worked into the dark to finish the south side of the house Monday night.  After this we got out the super bright  shop light for them to finish with.  Then we had, guess what?  Leftover hamburgers and hot dogs in the house for a fashionably late dinner.
How many guys does it take to hang one very long gutter?  Margaret our resident 'ladder' expert supervises!
Ron and Conner driving a few more screws.  Conner was at every work detail we had.  He earned two or three Eagle projects if you ask me!
Mark, always the perfectionist, painting the metal flashing to match the gutters.  Mark, we can't thank you enough for your expertise, attention to detail, advice and countless hours into this project!  Darrell took this photo.  Awesome!
Matt the tool man making sparks fly.  Another cool photo by Darrell.
Matt's really not crazy about heights, but you'd never know it by all the work he did.  This photo doesn't really show the angle the ladder was leaning.  That's why the others were lending their support.  Good job Matt!  I had to brag to him the next day that I scaled the top level of the scaffolding to replace an attic vent, as well as the top of the pergola and the front porch roof to wash windows.  I knew Matt would give me warm fuzzies as he knows I hate heights too!

 This photo shows a slight uncertainty about the precarious position of the ladder.  If only there was a foot hold somewhere nearby!  Reminds us of Clark Griswald hanging Christmas lights in 'Christmas Vacation'!
Kevin made his famous dutch oven Chicken Pot Pie.  'A thing of beauty is a joy forever', at least until I can get on the treadmill and work it off!
Darrell took this photo of how amazing the Milky Way looks from our home.  We are truly blessed to be able to enjoy such beauty every day!
All done!  I still can't believe it's my house when I drive up!  We have the most awesome friends!  This blog doesn't even begin to show all the countless hours put into this project.
If only the inside looked as good as the outside!  To all our friends who were apart of this project in any way, we are truly grateful.  It's going to be a bit lonely around here without all of you.  We enjoyed working along side you.  Please invite us to help you on your own projects.  We enjoyed your company so much.  We loved every minute of it.  Now it's time to allow the bruises, cuts, scrapes, and arthritis to heal.  At least I'll try!

Conner, you really went the extra mile with this one.  It was a huge undertaking.  You all are apart of the very fiber of our home!  I will think of each of you every time I'm outside and look at my house, or see it from hwy 101, or put recycling away behind the house...

We feel the love of our Heavenly Father through all of you.  We love each of you and pray for you as you pray for us.  I just can't thank you enough.  We are so blessed!  Love, Dale

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  1. Your house looks so great! I love the pictures that Darrell took, especially the one in the evening. Very nice!