Monday, September 13, 2010

More to be Thankful For

I neglected to mention in the painting posts that DeCou Lumber in Atascadero donated all the lumber that was needed to make new shutters and replace all the rotted, twisted trim pieces.  Thank you Jay DeCou for supporting Conner's eagle project and helping to make our home beautiful!

Also, our friend Ron Hogeland arranged for all the paint to be donated by our local Sherwin Williams paint store.  Our house was VERY THIRSTY.  It had never been primed and was so badly weathered that most of the paint was actually gone on certain sides of the house.  We used a ton of paint ALL thanks to Matt Markowqski, Jesse Henriquez, and Steve Sanchez at our Paso Robles store.  I admit I had never used their paint before.  I've done many painting projects before from walls to furniture and I'm picky about my paint.  A paint job us only as good as the paint you use.  I am a Sherwin Williams convert.  The paint is excellent and we didn't even use the top of the line.  We didn't need to, but just imagine how nice that must be!

Thank you one and all! 

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