Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Good Eats!

When you are invited to a Griffith Family Barbecue you need to train much like an athlete trains for a marathon.  Only it requires reducing your calorie intake before and after the meal.  Fast Sunday the day before was a good start.  Minimal breakfast the day of and nothing else after the feast helps.   It would also help to engage in vigorous exercise after, as a Griffith meal is packed full of delicious calories!
When I got my camera out to take pictures of the spread before everyone descended on it, the camera told me the memory card was full!  Luckily, I had a spare.  However, by the time I got it switched the feeding frenzy had begun, so the photos aren't  as flattering.  But trust me it was a beautiful thing!
Larry cutting up his famous tri-tip as Matthew and Carrie congratulate him on his culinary skills.
Candice and Kevin dig in.  
The menu included, tri-tip, Kathy's famous potato salad, a beautiful garden salad, a decadent grape in sweetened sour cream 'salad', my cabbage salad, buttered grilled bread, lemon cupcakes iced with cream cheese and fresh raspberry frosting served with lemon ice-cream, apple pie a la mode, and pecan pie.  Did I leave anything out?  I did not eat everything, but I believe Kevin did!

Our beloved Dr. Jeffery Wolf.  He is an amazing man.  He packs more into a day then there are hours to spend.  And yet, he is always calm, cool, and collected.  He never rushes us.  Always visits with us about things that have nothing to do with medicine.  He's a great doctor and a really good man.  We are so blessed!  Dale

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