Monday, September 6, 2010

Cancer Survivor

This is our friend Ron Hogeland.  When Kevin's cancer was diagnosed, Ron was at the end of his treatments for Lymphoma.  Ron had to go to Stanford for his all treatments.  It was a grueling week for him.  I think he had to be hooked up to his 'chemo cocktail' for 72 hours in the hospital.  Anyone who's spent any time in a hospital knows there is no rest there.  Someone is always taking your vitals, poking, or just asking you how you are doing.  No rest for the weary.  And yet, I don't think Ron missed a single Sunday at church.  He was always there and he usually looked pretty good.  You'd often find him sitting on the floor in the nursery with his grand daughter, helping her get over her separation anxiety from her mother.  We always worried about germs.  Children are germ factories.  He'd be careful, but he was always there.    

So when Kevin was diagnosed our connection with Ron and Barbara intensified.  We didn't even need to exchange words.  We just knew they knew.  They have been a great support and inspiration to us all along.  Ron oversaw the painting of our house the last time and spent even more time on it this time.  It's so great to see him looking so fit and healthy.  So normal.  You'd never know, but we do.  We are grateful to have them in our lives.  We've had many good times together and look forward many more.  Thank you Ron and Barbie!  We love you! Dale

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  1. Ron Hogeland was my friend, first he was my boss since 1990, then we turned into close friends, I have never had a friend like him, this was a man that would call me and we would go to lunch and we could talk to each other about all our problems with work or whatever and when we were done we both new thats as far as the conversation would ever get, I am so sad he is gone but am grateful he was in my life, I will miss him, Rusty Pauls