Sunday, October 10, 2010


     You've seen some of the pictures from our trip.  Dale started the blog post by saying, "Kevin decided he needed a vacation..."  It wasn't just that.  Anyone that knows me at all, knows that I love the outdoors.  After 14 months of being couped up in hospitals and my home, I needed TO GET OUT!  I needed to feel what it was like to get back to what I consider normal, or at least as normal as I could safely do.  People recharge their souls in different ways.  Mine has always been through outdoor activities.  Backpacking, camping, hiking, exploring.
     I have to express a special thank you to my brother Alan and his wife Lynette.  They came down from Denver area to meet us in Moab to start our trip, and made the whole southern Utah and Colorado part of our trip possible.  They took a week of their vacation time to make sure that we had a great vacation.  They arranged for all of the accommodations and planned the sightseeing part of our trip to make it the most fun for me.  They planned everything around my abilities and were always sensitive to my physical limitations.  It not only would'nt have been as much fun without them, but it never would have happened.  A thousand thank yous.  I've even let it go about how much of my banana split you ate, Alan.
      A couple things Dale didn't mention was that while in Glenwood Springs, CO.  Even though because of the rain the girls didn't ride bikes, Alan and I did during a break in the rain.  We hustled up the canyon to ride along the Colorado River as it comes down the canyon.  It was truly spectacular.  We rode about 3 miles UP the river before I needed a break, so we stopped and walked down to the side of the river.  After a short rest and stretching we continued.  I made it about 2 more miles before my back said, "That's it!".  After short rest and some more stretching, we headed back DOWN the river.  The ride down was easy and I could concentrate more on, and better enjoy, the truly fantastic surroundings.  Alan and Lynette went to a lot of trouble to prepare and haul 5 bikes on this part of the trip.  We only used 2.  Sorry, again Alan, but it was great for me.  Next time, we will do the 18 mile downhill ride from Vail pass.
     I was pleased with the amount of activity that my body was able to handle.  It was great to be outside.

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