Saturday, October 30, 2010


The gang at San Luis Sports Therapy & Rehab where our daughter, Candice works, I work out and Kevin gets physical therapy.  A great place!  Candice is third from left on back row.  She went as a fortune teller. 

Jen, physical therapist, the Old Geezer, and Candice
Old Geezer complete with toothless grin, drool bib and he really wanted you to see the flames on his walker! 
Tonight at church we had a Harvest Festival / Halloween party.  The older boys hosted a spook alley, many of the classrooms were filled with activities and games.  Kevin hosted Graveyard Golf in one of them.  I didn't even get to see it because I was busy the whole time with our skeleton ring toss.  I couldn't even take pictures which was a bummer because I saw some of the most awesome and clever costumes this year.  The gymnasium was also full of carnival type booths with a Halloween twist.  They even fed us pulled pork sandwiches, chips, and hot dogs, not to mention the many pounds of candy!  I'd say it was a huge success!  Thank you Bob and Nina! 

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  1. so the old geezer's wearing a bib? or is that his goody bag?