Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I love my daughter Candice.  I thought that having her assist with my physical therapy would be a good thing.  I had no idea that she had so much pent up frustration.  Unfortunately, she apparently feels comfortable taking out her aggression on the patients, as long as the patient is her father. One of Candice's supervising physical therapists, Jen, warned me that she thought Candice was a little too anxious to work with me. And this is just warming up on the treadmill!  I have to admit, however, that we are seeing some results.  The purpose of the PT was to get my back and body stronger, which would make my recovery from upcoming back surgery better and quicker.  They have me doing all sorts of exercises, but the worst is the balancing act they submit me to every time.  Picture standing on a squarish board that has a 2" high, 1/2" wide runner underneath it down the middle.  You're supposed to balance on it, first left/right, then front/back for 2 minutes, while trying not to let the edges touch the ground.  It's not as easy as it sounds.  The weights and lifts are no big deal.

They work everything, thighs, calves, shoulders, glutes, hamstring, neck, arms, with the real purpose of strengthening the stomach and core muscles.  The routine takes from 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours.  The cute blonde on the right is Jen, my physical therapist, and one of Candice's housemates and friend.  The darling young lady to my left is Andrea (pronounced on-DREY-a), who is from Nebraska and is doing her "time" so she can become a full fledged physical therapist too.  All of the staff at San Luis Sports Therapy have been wonderful to work with.  My strength and mobility have greatly improved.


  1. Exercise is wonderful, as long as Candice isn't beating you! Glad you are doing so well--the hair is still funny though!

  2. Yes, the hair still is. RE above. Have a happy, happy Thankgivin', Guys. Love ya, Norma

  3. Looking strong! Happy Thanksgiving!