Friday, December 10, 2010

Birthdays, Medical Diagnostics, and Thanksgiving

Kevin, Candice, Cousin Chris, Aunt Skid

Kevin's famous Chicken Pot Pie Dutch Oven style.
Chris and Skid came to Pre-Celebrate Grammy's 90th Birthday!
Then Kevin went to SF for two days of Doctor visits and tests.
The Golden Gate Bridge
A Walk on the Bridge
Back at UCSF for more tests
I don't think this is the 'million dollar sticky'
Self Portrait on a cable car
What would a trip to SF be without a visit to Ghirardelli Square?
Big Blue Thing
Going up or down?
Only Kevin could get a parking space on the streets of SF!
From the top of famous Lombard Street
It looks just like it does in everybody else' pictures!
Transamerica Building?
Time for labs
Kevin hooks up with his UCSF roommate Dennis Lozano!
Kevin, Dennis, Marie, Joan & Dan Murphy, Barbara
Dennis & Marie Lozano
Our very own Shawn Hancock Thanksgiving morning at the Mud Bowl!
The Muddy Winners!
Cousins Hayden & Alexander learning about the Richards Family Landfill!

Before the feast!

So far nobody has photos of the feast itself.  I guess we were all too busy & hungry.  I'll bet Hillary has some, I'll get them when she comes home for Christmas.

After the feast, time for games

 Male bonding in the other room

Grammy, Grandpa Darryl with Hayden & Zander while Radley and Amberly look on
The kids making cards for Grammy

Dale helping Linda make Beef Stroganoff 

Our Roadrunner captured by Darrell Richards

 Our beautiful and talented friend Liz met us in the park and took family photos of one and all.  This is just one of the whole group!
Our backyard near sunset...
One of the many spectacular views from our home!
Amberly, Radley, & Ashley decorating Grammy's Christmas tree
Finishing touches, Amberly, Radley, Maddie, Ashley holding Elizabeth
I have had possession of Candice' Dyson since she moved back to Paso Robles.  I've been thinking I need my own because I'm in love with the Dyson!  So on Saturday I went to Costco with my $70 off their already great price coupon and came home with my own!  This is the before picture, brand new and empty!
EEK!  Instant gratification!  This is after Hillary did a quick once over of the upstairs and down after our company went home to get ready to put up Christmas!  Gross! 
Hillary I'm sure has some better pictures of our Thanksgiving/90th Birthday extravaganza, but she is in Orange County as is her camera, so until then this is it!  We had a wonderful time with the Crosby side of the family including the Clausens, Watsons, Hancocks, Kilbys, and Crosbys.
Sorry it's taken me so long to get to this, more to come, love, Dale


  1. Thanksgiving with the Crosby Family was such and endearing experience. I'm so happy I was able to be a part of it, specially the celebreation of Grammy's 90th birthday! Your family is beautiful, warm, fun, loving and energetic. Bless you all!!!

  2. I love all your pictures, especially of the Golden Gate Bridge! Looks like it was a beautiful day!