Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Quick Harvest!

Another miracle!  Harvesting enough stem cells normally takes 3-5 days, sometimes as long as a week!  They do it in the morning so the lab can analyze it to determine the volumn of stem cells collected.  We went back to the hotel to wait for word.  The call came at about 4pm.  They got all they needed in one collection!  Pretty unusual for most, but not for us!  Now he will rest at home for two weeks and go back to begin the process of 'replanting' the stem cells.  We don't yet have the dates or details.  I'm told that this is the hard part.  

Thank you for your prayers in behalf of our friend Dennis Lozano.  Now we need your prayers for our niece Holly Hemsath Gooch's first born child, Spencer.  It appears that he too has cancer.  They are scheduled to do a biopsy of the tumor on Thursday. We'll find out more after.  The name of the cancer is: Rhabdomyosarcoma.

We looked it up on line and it's pretty scary stuff.  Spencer's tumor is on his neck which looks like the best place to have it.  Best case senario is they remove it surgically and get rid of it all.  It appears that most have to go through a combination of surgery, chemo and radiation.  I did see the word 'cure' in the information and that made me feel much better.  

We have experienced so many true miracles ourselves in the last five months, we know that anything is possible and that Heavenly Father and Jesus will see to it that what needs to happen will happen!  We have that assurance.  So now please help us pray up a miracle for Spencer!  In the meantime, I'm praying that his parents will be blessed with the peace and comfort that has carried us through this trial.  We are praying that Spencer will especially  be blessed with the comforter and be able to endure all the procedures that he will have to undergo without fear and with calm acceptance.  They also have a great support group surrounding them.  They live in an area where there are many great hospitals and medical experts.  We know that this is key.  We are all fasting for him and his family this Sunday, February 7th.

Thank you all for your continued prayers, love and support.  We love you all so very much!  Dale

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