Friday, February 12, 2010


Last night Kevin was released from the hospital and was so happy to be home. He crawled right into bed and stayed there till 12:30 in the afternoon today! He was thrilled to get real sleep.

We are waiting to here from UCSF Medical Center to find out when we are supposed to return to start the transplant process. It might be sometime next week.

He's Molting, here's  360 view of his head and what's left of his hair
His foe-hawk is sparce
(kinda creepy right?)

The sides are very thin and patchy

Don't be distracted by his ears! If you are wondering what happened to the hair in the middle of his head check his pillow :-O

If you are interested in the progress of Spencer (who is 7 & Kevin's nieces son) who has Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma (a cancerous tumor in his neck pushing on his brain and the carotid artery) the n click the link below is for his blog... Spencer and his family have been faithfully praying for Uncle Kevin all this time and it is now time for us to turn some attention to his care. 


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  1. Your still handsome to me uncle Kevin!

    We love you!