Friday, February 5, 2010

A Little Setback

Wednesday night at bedtime after coming home from UCSF that afternoon, I noticed Kevin's cheeks were bright red, almost looked like clown make-up.  I decided I should take his temperature.  He had a fever of over 102!  I called our Doctor, since Kevin had no other symptoms, he decided we could just wait, use tylenol, a see if it would go away.  Kevin has been on anti-virals, and antibodiocs to prevent such a thing.  Well, the fever continued into the next day and peeked at 103 so we took him to the ER and he has pneumonia again.  They got him on iv antibiodics right away.  So for now he is at Twin Cities Community Hospital here at home.  Our UCSF coordinator anticipates that they will keep him for about a week.  We haven't been back yet today.  Our hospital always seems anxious to get rid of him asap, so we will see.

Our little nephew Spencer did well with his biopsy yesterday.  We don't have any news yet.  We will all be fasting this Sunday for him and look forward to that opportunity.  Like us, his family has received an outpouring of love, food, prayers and offers to help.  We are all so blessed.  We will try to keep you posted as we learn more.  We have strong testimonies of the power of prayer.  We have certainly experienced many true miracles because of it and we know that Spencer and his family will too.  

We love you all so much and we are so grateful for your continued prayers and loving support.  We would be lost without you.  We pray for you that the Lord's blessings of health, prosperity and joy will be yours, and that the spirit will tell your hearts that your prayers in our behalf are heard and answered and blessing our lives.  Love, Dale


  1. xoxo's from all of us. As you are aware, it is Fast Sunday today. As usual, we're goin' hungry for ya'll. We call it "Goin' Hungry For Kevan Day", these days. (no we don't, but it could happen) Love to Dale and the fam. Love you, mean it. Robin

  2. We love you all so much and anxiously await the next miracle! You are an example of strength and endurance to all of us.