Thursday, February 25, 2010

Back to San Fransisco

We packed in anticipation of being in San Fransisco for a month! Interestingly enough, it's a LOT of stuff. 

This afternoon we were able to visit our dear friends at the hospital because they had triplets yesterday! We were so happy to see mom & ALL the babies were healthy & happy. They are all smaller than babies we are used to seeing but they look perfect, just miniature. Especially little Colton 2 lbs 14oz.

This is proud father Brett with Conner 4 lbs 5oz
They were all resting peacefully. It was so nice to see them all doing well before we left town.

We had a nice drive to San Fransisco and got all checked into the hotel. Tomorrow is Kevin's 56th Birthday! We have the morning to celebrate but have some tests in the afternoon to make sure Kevin is healthy enough for the transplant. He is feel really good and ready to start this process.


  1. Oh the babies!!! so precious. Back to Kevin, Happy Birthday tomorrow!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Bishop!! I can't believe they didn't have the triplets on your b-day!:)

    Thanks for posting the pics of Conner! So sweet. I can't wait to see them! Our Makai is already that's going to be a funny picture!