Saturday, February 27, 2010

All Checked In

We waited around most of the day, which we expected. Changed hotels rooms from our roomy 2 bedrooms, 2 bath suite, to our perfect for 2 people room. We were a little nervous that Kevin wouldn't be checked in today and we would be a little squished tonight cause....
we have a LOT of stuff! Preparing to be away form home for a month is no small thing and you must plan accordingly, which translates to "bring it all!"
Thankfully UCSF called with the official word that Kevin would be checking in tonight. We got some dinner in him then went to the hospital about 5:45pm. Waited in a waiting room (oh so perfectly named) till about 7pm when his room was all cleaned and ready for him.
This is his new private room. He snuggled right into bed.

Then started right in teasing and laughing with Ummara from Thailand. She was Kevin's night nurse just before he went home from his 5 weeks stay in Nov./Dec. She was extremely pleased with his progress and to see him walking around.  Being reminded of those hard times reminds us just how grateful we are for the blessings we've received!

Tomorrow he will start chemo. I will update you on this process once we talk to a doctor and I learn what it entails. Thank you for your continued support! 

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  1. Alright kevin for the next month pretend you are on the basketball court. I expect you to play like you always have. Kick some cancer cell booty, throw a couple elbows, a hip check or 2 and you can even yell at them if ya have to. When it is all said and done I expect those cells to wish they had never met you! We will be fasting and praying more than usual this next month.
    Dale and Hillary thank you for the continuous updates. We are all pulling for you guys.

    Jeff and Cyndi