Monday, July 5, 2010

Hole in my Gut

This morning around 9am they took Kevin in to have his gall badder removed. They were successful at doing it laprascopically which means his recovery time should be minimal. The doctor came in to tell us everything went great and that his gall badder "was really sick!" So it's a good thing they decided to take it out quickly. There were also two stones and one was very big. He was surprised it hadn't caused bigger problems sooner. They brought him back from surgery around 11:30am. He was already feeling and looking much better.
He even began to drink clear liquids immediately and quite a bit considering. He is supposed to take it easy right now but I'm sure he will be excited when he can eat food again. I'm sure he will want to fill the new void in his gut with food. He still has a drainage tube in which should be removed soon. We haven't heard talk of a release date yet it depends on how he's feeling but maybe  in the next couple of days. He is still hoping to make his appointments at UCSF Friday, but we are not sure it would be wise considering. We will know soon enough!

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