Monday, July 5, 2010

Gut Wrenching Good Time

This year is a little different considering the 4th of July fell on a Sunday. We were planning to BBQ ribs, have corn on the cob, fresh cold watermelon & ice cream but we thought heck everyone in America will be having that same kind of meal and we wanted to do something different to make this memorable. So we decided to visit our friends at the ER for a gut wrenching good time...

Kevin got a ride home from church early cause he was having stomach pain. When we arrived home a while later it was worse. Kevin made the decision that we needed to go to the ER so we grabbed what we could (unfortunately I forgot to grab my purse which had the camera in it, I will try to post a couple of pics from my cell phone later) Kevin guessed it was gall badder or kidney stones and he was right.  They did an ultrasound and we could all see stones in his gall badder. The surgeon meet with us and it was decided that it should be taken out.

Kevin is scheduled for surgery tomorrow morning between 8-9am. They will try to do it laparoscopically (small incisions) which would mean a minimal hospital stay but we know how a few days can easily turn into a week so we won't hold our breath.  After he received his 20th blessing from Daryl and Brandon (Brandon was ordained earlier that day it was a special experience) and got some morphine he was feeling a lot better. Hopefully he will sleep tonight and everything will go smoothly tomorrow.

I will keep you posted once he is out of surgery.

P.S. Sorry Cari, you know how he always has to be the center of attention and it's so not fair that he will have surgery before you do! Hope your feeling better soon, we love you.


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