Monday, June 14, 2010


It's been several weeks since my hair started re-growing and many of those who are not able to see me on a regular basis have been curious about what they've heard.  Because it's gotten warmer (hotter really) I haven't been wearing my hats.  Maybe the extra exposure to sunlight has kick started the process of hair growth?  I'm just hoping that my Revlimid use doesn't stunt the growth.  It's maybe a quarter inch long all over.  You can't see it from these pictures, but it's very white on the sides and much darker on the top. 

It was kind of funny at first, because it initially came in on top faster than the sides, so it kind of looked like I had a Utah buzz mullett.  We should have gotten a picture of that.  You all would have loved it.  I had to carry around my banjo so it didn't look so weird.

I gotta tell you some more good news about wonderful blessing that a young man and our scoutmaster in our Ward have put together.  All Conner Jorgensen needs for his Eagle Scout award is his project.  Our scoutmaster, Matt Purkiss, also just happens to be our wonderful home teacher.  He was aware that just before I got the cancer, we were working on getting new windows and siding for our house.  Well, needless to say, that money's gone.  So Matt and Conner have gotten together and received approval for Connor's Eagle project to be the re-painting of our house!  Normally Eagle projects are not approved for individuals, but I guess all those years as a scoutmaster, district representative and council participant paid off.  We'll get you pictures to keep you updated.  Thank you Conner and Matt for your kindness.  Not to mention all those that will get sucked into helping with the fundraisers, prep work, painting, etc.  Now I'll have to try and keep from getting paint in my hair.  What a wonderful problem.

I also got an email from Dennis Lozano's sister-in-law this week.  He's still doing pretty well, and may be coming back to SF for a checkup in July.  If he does, we plan on going up to see them.  They are such wonderful people.  Thank you all for your continued support, love and prayers for me and Dennis.  We still need them.  The Revlimid is kind of kicking me in the rear today.  Tomorrow will be better.

Love.  Kevin


  1. i put your name on the prayer roll at the temple yesterday. love you so much.

  2. Dear Uncle Kevin,
    You are in our thoughts and prayers and we are so lucky to have such a great Uncle as you! You and Dale have been so amazing through all of this and are truly examples of the believers!! You have always been great! We love you guys & wish you the very best Father's Day! We look forward to seeing you all very soon!
    Love, Josh, Tara, & kids

  3. Happy Dad's Day, Kevster. You are a good dad to have around here (earth). Thanks for hanging in there. You, Dale and the fam mean alot to us. xoxo Kirk's wife