Sunday, November 25, 2012


I'm hoping that everyone out there in blog land had a wonderful Thanksgiving, like we did.Our nephew Josh, his wife Tara and their 7 (that is not a misprint) great children came to visit.  Also Dale's brother Rick and his fabulous friend Nancy came as well and really took care of Grammy so Dale could better enjoy the company and holiday.  Also, it was Rick's 65th birthday on Friday, as well as Jake's 13th, Josh & Tara's oldest child.  Unfortunately, we all learned that some of Josh and Tara's children, including Jake and the 3 month old Seth, have bad allergic reactions from the cats.  Dale has 3.  So they had to pack it up a day and a half early to head back home to San Marcos Friday morning.  Well, it was fun while it lasted.  They'll never be back.

The title of the Post reflects my 2, count 'em 2, doctors appointments last Monday.  10 am with Dr. Charles Fishman my long time dermatologist.  Long story short, 10 "pre-cancers" frozen off, and 1 biopsy of a spot on the bottom of my right foot.  I had about 15 minutes to get to my appointment with Dr. Malone when Dr. Fishman decided to do the biopsy.  He said, "I'll have to numb it up because I'm going to take a punch about 1/2" deep and I know the bottom of feet are very tender and sensitive, and that takes a few minutes."  I told him that I still have pretty bad neuropathy all over, including my feet, so I was sure he wouldn't need to numb it first.  He showed me the punch.  I said, "Let's give it a try", and so he did.  Without incident.  He took the biopsy and said, going out the door: "I guess the neuropathy can come in handy some times. Call me on Weds. for the results."  I had had some really ugly nasty scabs from freezing the pre-cancers on my face.  I could have used those 3 weeks ago for Halloween.  Memo to self: Get dermatologist appointment 3-4 days BEFORE Halloween next year.  Great head start on a zombie/leper/dead guy.

It's hard to believe but I've been off of the daily cancer chemo for 6 months.  The labs were pretty good.  The cancer numbers are good and it still hasn't become metastatic.  Right now the effects of stress are the primary source of side effects due to my body being beat up so badly by the nearly 3 years of daily chemo.  Neuropathy still pretty bad, but it's really not too bad to live with (see paragraph above).  The chemo brain is no better and may be worse.  I've been told that it usually starts to improve after being off of the chemo for a year or so.  Let's hope.  I'm always messing up something at work, and I can't even work that much, which makes it even  worse!  I have very patient clients and helpers.  Thank you all.  Liver and kidney functions are up a wee bit, but up is up.  Thank you Dr. Tulanian and all of your help and supplements!  I'm still getting the chemo infusion of Zometa, which is for the rebuilding of my bones.  When I was doing the daily chemo and the monthly Zometa infusions, I really didn't feel any significant side effects.  Now, without the daily chemo, and with my body apparently feeling better more often, the flu like symptoms that are the common side effect are more prominent and last about 3 days, starting the day after the infusion.  So I can tell by this experience that my body really is feeling better, and I expect it all to improve until it all starts over again.  AND, I only have to see the Drs. every 2 months now, instead of monthly.  I'm gonna miss them.  They've become such a big part of my life/living.

So the clock keeps on ticking.  I'm 3 years and 3 months removed from my initial diagnosis.  The rollercoaster ride has been actually quite interesting, uplifting, and dare I say fun?  The better days are a little more frequent.  The bad days aren't quite as long lasting and the depth is much more bearable.

I also want to let you know that my friend Dennis Lozano is currently having a very hard time and is not doing well.  After over 3 years of miracles, it seems that the time that he was given to reconnect with his family is close to being up. Please remember Dennis and his wife Marie and family in your prayers.

So there you go.  2 FER MONDAY and I'm doing well.  Had a great Thanksgiving.  Hardly was unwell at all, and am really looking forward to this next Christmas season.  I've gotten to know Him so much more than before my cancer.  I feel more confident in knowing what to get Him for His birthday now.  Happy holidays and merry Christmas to you all.  God bless you at this truly special time of year.


  1. Merry Christmas, Kevin. Hope that 2013 continues to see you "hold your own". You are so inspiring.

    1. Thank you Kendra. Your prayers and good wishes are very humbling and powerful in my life. I wish the Lord's greatest, most beautiful blessings upon you and your family for Christmas and for ever. Please say hi to everyone for me, especially your mom and sisters.