Sunday, September 1, 2013


This will be a different sort of post for me. Short. Lots to report, not much time.

First, the good news:  Saw Dr Wolf on 8/15 and once again I have escaped the requirement of restarting the chemo. I could start it if I wanted to (Oh goody! Can I? Can I?). Like that's something I'm looking forward to, but don't have to if I choose not to.  I choose NOT.  The miracle is that they thought I would be lucky to be off of the chemo for 4-6 months.  It's been 15 and counting!  A friend, Dave Mattice had IgA myeloma a couple years ago.  He never missed a day of work except for stem cell harvesting & his transplant.  No bone, kidney or liver issues.  He didn't do the daily chemo.  They took him off of his Revlimid after 8 months (vs. my 2 years) and now, just 6 months later he's had to resume it.  And here, ladies and gentlemen, is the difference: He was treated at Stanford and not at UCSF by Dr. Wolf et al.  Next...

On the back front: On 8/26 reported to Pain Management at UCSF for an anticipated 3 radio frequency ablations at T-11, 12, L-1, and 4 injections on both sides of L-4-5, and L-5, S1 for the herniations.  Was informed that the insurance didn't approve all 7 rfa.  I had to chose, either the top 3 or bottom 4.  I chose the bottom 4.  I chose ... wisely.  The day after was a long day.  When I laid down in bed the throbbing radiated from my lower back up through my head.  But no real PAIN.  I laid there thinking: I bet if I could feel it, it would be very painful.  Throbbing subsided after about 45 minutes or so and I was able to sleep.  Next...

Weds. 8/28 was the 4 year anniversary of my diagnosis by Michael Blackwell.  Not bad for a guy with an original prognosis of 3-4 months.  To celebrate we had dinner last night at Lombardi's.  Michael and his wife Tani, Dale, Hillary, Darrell & I had a great time visiting.  BTW: Michael got rid of his Prius and bought a used Corvette convertible.  I could be prouder if he were my own son.

Last, and on a sadder happier note... my wonderful, dear, sweet mother-in-law, Edith Crosby passed away early this morning.  She's been in the care facility for many months now and they have really loved her and  taken great care of her.  She must have finally decided to move on, as she went pretty quickly.  The nurse practitioner called Thurs afternoon to tell us that Grammy had stopped eating and drinking fluids and taking her meds.  Darrell and I gave her a blessing of release yesterday afternoon with all of my family there and it was sweet.  We are excited for her now.  Hillary said that after not being able to talk for the last few years she's probably going a mile a minute with every one on the other side.  Our niece, Amberly, has been expecting her 3rd child and was overdue last Monday.  Dale made t


  1. Thanks for the update. Glad you didn't have to go back on chemo. I can't even imagine what you have gone through. You are a trooper. So is your family for that matter. Congrats on your 4 yr mark. That is awesome.
    sorry to hear about your mother in law, but I'm sure she is happy as can be. Miss and love you guys.

  2. I'm still reading these posts! Always interested in how you are doing. You have a way of looking at the positive side of just about everything, and that is refreshing. So happy for your attitude and for your 4 years post-diagnosis. I actually had that RFA procedure done on 3 joints in my lower spine. I usually think it didn't help (for all the out of pocket expense) but then I stop to really pay attention and I do think it helped a little!