Sunday, January 16, 2011

Good News. Better News. Best News

Gate to Chinatown

Looking for Lunch
Not wanting to waste a trip to SF on just medical stuff, I went early and headed to Chinatown.  I hadn't been there since one of my scout trips to stay overnight on the WWII submarine the USS Pampanino many years ago.  Great fun.  Great food!  Then off to UCSF for the afternoon.
Right across from where I parked and 1 block to Chinatown gate, so in I go! 

3 rooms of fascinating sculptures in brass, copper and paper.  Here's a few.
This lovely lady is Ilana Hettena, the coordinator of the pulmonary and mobility studies.  She and a co-worker, Barbara, also administer some of the tests.  In November, they had me do a test that measures spinal & body rotation.  They had me do one (of many) test(s) but weren't sure if they were doing it right, so they asked Dr. Wolf to demonstrate.  I did better than he did.  It made me feel pretty good, until I tried to golf this week.  Whoa baby.  I sucked.  But it was fun.

Another round of childhood immunizations.  They send in the nicest and prettiest nurses, like Stephanie here, like it's supposed to make you feel better about being shot 5 times.  This time it was a mixture of childhood and adult versions of the immunizations, which means they hurt more and make you sicker.  Next time (March), I also get more shots.  Then a 6 month break, then another 6 month break.   I did get some good news from Dr. Wolf.  He said that my markers for my recovery from the cancer were all good, and, even better, very consistent in their improvement.  He said that if those markers continue to improve, he would consider taking me off of the daily chemo routine after 1 year in the program instead of the 2 years he originally anticipated and set me up for.  The year will be up at the first of June.  I have 6 more blood tests between now and then, so keep praying that my improvement will continue.  I would REALLY love to get off of the Revlimid.  The side effects have been worsening the past couple of months.  6 more months is very doable.  18 more months is less ... exciting.  As I was leaving Dr. Wolf's office he gave me a hug.  I couldn't tell if it was because he was as excited about the good news, or whether it was because I brought him mushroom chicken and steamed rice from Chinatown for lunch.  I didn't ask.  Whenever we meet with him he's usually eating chips or cheetos and drinking a coke, because that's all he says he has time for.  Do as I say, not as I do?  Well, that's the latest news and the gossip from the land of the midnight son of a gun.  Thanks for your continued support and good wishes.  We will continue to love and appreciate you forever.


  1. I'm glad you get to enjoy SF even if mom & I never did. The jibjab is hilarious! I'm so proud of your blogging skills, people have no idea how far you've come.

  2. sounds like awesome news for sure!! We are hopin for you. 6 months is a lot better than 18! Glad you had fun in Chinatown! I'm sure the hug was for both! That was super nice of you. We totally love your family and are enjoying watching your positive attitude as you take this journey. I admire you and have learned so much. Thanks!

  3. I too am pulling for the 6 month wish! Kevin you are always in our thoughts and prayers. We are so grateful for your blog. Most of all we are so grateful for you and your wonderful family. We love ya!The Sniderbunch
    Harrison is still out until July...but you are in his prayers too!

  4. I am pulling for you to get off the revlimid! keep up the good work. Love you!